In-Facility (Clinical) Research Techniques

The ability to control the flow of information (presentation of products, packaging, prices, etc.) can be a critical piece of a successful study and necessitate conducting research in clinical research facilities rather than the “real world”.  In-Facility work also provides flexibility in selecting a myriad of research formats – from larger testing groups to one-on-one sessions. Group sizes range from the typical 8-10 participants for a focus group up to 16-20 for larger “central-location” testing groups and as low as 2 to 3 participants for triads. Even a single respondent may be more appropriate for formats like in-depth interviews, simulated retail tests, or other product/instructional testing.

Choosing the right technique for our clients depends on the insights they need to obtain. City Research regularly recommends in-facility formats to assist our clients in…

  • Category reviews
  • Concept ideation
  • Website usability testing
  • Packaging evaluations
  • Advertising/media evaluations
  • Instructions and assembly testing
  • New product evaluation and development

City Research’s network of partner facilities as well as our state of the art facilities in the Upper Midwest allow our clients to watch advanced research techniques being conducted in comfort and style. Take a virtual tour of our world-class research facilities.

Large or Small Group Sessions



Ad-Media Testing


Central Location Testing


In-Depth Interview/Retail Sessions


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