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Measuring attitudes and behaviors and providing clients with an accurate explanation of key insights. City Research’s value-added, professional advice and consultation on how to use research insights allow our clients to make better strategic decisions and successfully improve market share, revenue, and the bottom line.

City Research is a proven solution to obtain critical market insights.

In-Facility (Clinical) Research Techniques

The ability to control the flow of information can be a critical piece of a successful study and necessitate conducting research in clinical research facilities rather than the “real world”.

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Online Research Techniques

Online research provides a both a cost-savings to our clients and enhanced flexibility in including participants from multiple geographical areas in the same research session.

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Real Time (Experimental) Research Techniques

In order to get accurate insights of how products integrate into the lives of consumers, observing and tracking real-time experiences is critical.

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Retail Research Techniques

Obtaining insights at the retail level can be extremely meaningful for consumer product companies.

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Quantitative Research Techniques

City Research staff includes experts in quantitative research, conducting online, phone, mail, and in-person surveys for our clients.

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City Research focus facilities are located in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin. Our modern facilities allow us to seamlessly execute advanced research formats ...

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